How could Brexit affect buying a new car?

How could Brexit affect buying a new car?

Brexit has been a constant presence in the UK dialogue since the 2016 referendum; however, with a trade deal still to be agreed with the EU, a few of our customers have contacted us to ask how a ‘No Deal’ exit might affect their purchase of a new car.

At this stage, we can’t be certain how a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will affect the car-buying industry, but we have been advised that it might result in an import duty tax – predicted to be around 10% – being applied to EU-built cars, therefore directly affecting buyers.

The charges are purely hypothetical at present, and at Arbury, we are hopeful that our customers won’t be affected by the results of a ‘No Deal’ situation. However, it is important to be aware of this potential tax, as it will affect the price of imported vehicles.

The one certainty we do have is that vehicles ordered, registered and cleared through UK customs before Brexit is set in motion will not be subject to any such tariff – so if you are considering buying a new car in the near future, don’t delay, as now could be the best time!

If you would like further information about the possible tariffs and wish to discuss your options, please visit your nearest Arbury showroom today.

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