Peugeot extend service intervals during COVID-19 period

Peugeot extend service intervals during COVID-19 period

At #TeamArbury, one of the questions we’re receiving from customers is whether delaying servicing due to the lockdown measures will invalidate their warranty. We are beginning to receive guidance from our manufacturers, who are generally being very sympathetic to the situation, recognising that current government guidelines have resulted in dealership closures. We would therefore like to share this information with you in order to answer these questions and put your mind at ease. Below is Peugeot’s guidance.

Peugeot has stepped in to lend customers a helping hand during the lockdown measures. The marque has announced that they will be increasing the ‘tolerance’ on service intervals during the period affected by the COVID-19 crisis, meaning you can postpone the service interval by up to 1,800 miles or three months after the recommendation of the maintenance plan. This also applies to Service Contracts.

Regarding warranties – if you need a repair after the COVID-19 period and your warranty has expired, your Warranty Extension Contract will cover repairs. If you don’t have a Warranty Extension Contract, there is an override put in place due to COVID-19 meaning that 100% of parts and labour costs will be covered for up to 1 month after the end date of warranty.

Lastly, if you require a mobility vehicle if, for example, your vehicle is immobilised due to waiting on a back ordered part, Arbury will provide this if it falls within the mobility requirements or will provide assistance in organising an alternative method of transport.

At #TeamArbury, we’re glad to see manufacturers being flexible during the current coronavirus situation and the resultant government measures, which mean that many drivers are unable to get their vehicles serviced at the recommended time due to dealer closures and restrictions on travel. We hope that this latest announcement from Peugeot will give owners peace of mind during this challenging time.

Keep an eye on Arbury News page for warranty and service information from other manufacturers.

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