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Exciting news for Arbury, PEUGEOT customers as Allure Care Programme is extended

PEUGEOT have announced that they’re extending their PEUGEOT Allure Care Programme to include more of their electric passenger car range.

Exciting news for Arbury, PEUGEOT customers as Allure Care Programme is extended

The French manufacturer will be the first European car manufacturer to offer such comprehensive cover for their electric range. Read more to find out what exactly this programme entails and what it means for our Arbury, PEUGEOT customers and electric driving going forward.

What is the PEUGEOT Allure Care Programme?

The PEUGEOT Allure Care Programme provides extensive cover for PEUGEOT’s electric passenger vehicle range. As part of the programme, electric vehicles receive cover for the electric motor, charging system, transmission and electrical and mechanical components for up to 8 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first).

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The coverage automatically comes into force after a service or maintenance is carried out by a PEUGEOT-approved car service provider. It’s valid for 2 years or 16,000 miles – completely free of charge – and is continued through regular scheduled services.

The PEUGEOT Allure Care Programme at Arbury, PEUGEOT

Until now, the PEUGEOT Allure Care Programme has only been available on PEUGEOT’s latest generation of all-electric vehicles. It will now be extended to cover their entire electric range, including the PEUGEOT E-208, PEUGEOT E-2008, PEUGEOT E-308 and PEUGEOT E-308 SW*.

With more all-electric models being released this year, including the New PEUGEOT E-5008 and the New PEUGEOT E-408, the choice is yours on how you can make the most of this coverage with Arbury, PEUGEOT.

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PEUGEOT offer an exciting, extensive and efficient range of all-electric vehicles. And here at Arbury, PEUGEOT, we’re storming into a new league of electric motoring. Come down to check out all-electric PEUGEOT models like the New PEUGEOT E-3008, which is able to travel up to 422 miles on a single charge!

The Managing Director of PEUGEOT UK, Adam Wood, said:

“PEUGEOT Allure Care aims to accelerate the adoption of electric cars, giving customers the confidence and peace of mind they need to make the switch. The extension of Allure Care to our entire electric range is proof that we put the customer at the heart of our transformation to become the leading brand in the European electric market by 2025.”


Embracing all-electric with Arbury, PEUGEOT

When you purchase your next all-electric PEUGEOT with Arbury, you’ll automatically be able to access the Allure Care Programme. And #TeamArbury are on hand to get it all set up for you, so you can drive away smoothly with the knowledge that you’re covered by this exceptional offer.

At Arbury, we celebrate PEUGEOT’s electric driving incentives. We’re extremely proud of our fantastic electric models and want to help our customers secure the best electric vehicle to suit their driving needs. The future of driving is electric – and here at Arbury, we’d love to help you take that step!


If you have any questions regarding the PEUGEOT Allure Car Programme or about electric vehicles in general, we’d be happy to help! Give us a call or pop down to your nearest Arbury, PEUGEOT today.