EV Benefits & Myths

What is an electric vehicle (EV)?

An electric vehicle offers a more environmentally friendly reality to the future of driving. Electric vehicles introduce the potential to reduce carbon emission levels from transport in the UK and around the world.

Electric driving technology is progressing at an impressive rate, meaning more brands are producing more models for you to choose from. Plus, thanks to government funding, it’s now more affordable than ever to purchase an EV or hybrid vehicle.

Why buy electric?

  • Servicing cost savings

  • Cheap overnight recharging *dependent on customers energy supplier/arrangement

  • Zero tailpipe emissions

  • Zero London congestion charges and other cities

  • Many EVs on the Motability Scheme can be covered by your mobility allowance.

What are hybrid vehicles?

Hybrid vehicles combine a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor to generate power. There are two types of hybrid vehicles.

A self-charging hybrid vehicle generates power onboard by combining energy from both combustion and electric engines. Typically, the electric motor is there to support the combustion engine’s power. This helps to save fuel and produce lower carbon emissions.

Plug-in hybrids work differently, as they use mainly the electric motor, with the combustion engine supporting. In plug-in hybrids, power can be generated onboard or be added using a standard household socket.

Some benefits of hybrid vehicles are:

  • Plug-in and self-charging options available

  • Flexible driving modes, including full-electric mode

  • Charge when convenient.

Electric vehicle myths

If you remain apprehensive about purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle, you’re not alone! In fact, over 70% of customers are EV confident. Take a look below at commonly believed myths, and an explanation of the facts.

“They’re more expensive than new petrol or diesel cars and vans.”

Nowadays, electric vehicle prices are on par with the price of brand-new petrol or diesel vehicles. It’s also important to remember that the running costs of EVs are far less than that of petrol and diesel counterparts, and the long-term savings are also very attractive.

If you’re a Motability Scheme customer, there are many electric cars on the Scheme that don’t need an Advance Payment – you’ll just pay all of your mobility allowance. What’s more, if you’re leasing your first fully electric car, the Scheme will arrange and cover the cost of a home charge-point and a standard installation (i.e. next to your home). If you want to discuss electric driving, please pop in and talk to your Arbury Motability specialist.

“They’re expensive to run.”

As said above, EVs are, in fact, often cheaper than petrol or diesel cars to run, as there are less parts that need servicing, while charging also costs significantly less than filling up with petrol or diesel.

“The electric range is always so low.”

Many people have believed this since EVs and hybrid vehicles were first introduced. There have been many technological advances in recent years, with the latest figures from the DVLA suggesting that UK motorists drive an average of 127 miles per week using electric power.

“There aren’t any chargers.”

The increase of electric vehicles on the road means there’s also an increase in readily available public chargers. In addition to home chargers, there’s rapid charging connections at thousands of locations around the UK.

According to EDF Energy, there are now more than 42,000 charge-point connectors across the UK in over 15,500 locations – websites like Zap-Map will help you easily find your nearest.

“Batteries need replacing frequently.”
Electric batteries are proven to last for years – in fact, EV manufacturers guarantee their batteries. In this way, you can enjoy miles of worry-free electric driving.

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