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Never forget a service or MOT with Arbury’s newest recruit, A.R.B

The Automated Reminder Bot, also known as A.R.B, has officially joined Team Arbury!

Never forget a service or MOT with Arbury’s newest recruit, A.R.B

We have some very exciting news to share this month at Arbury! We’re saying a huge welcome to #TeamArbury’s newest recruit, A.R.B.

Who is A.R.B?

A.R.B is our new Automated Reminder Bot. They are a one-of-a-kind robot, specifically built to help you understand your vehicle’s needs.

Soon enough, you’ll start to see A.R.B in your inboxes and across our social media. But for now, let us fill you in on who exactly A.R.B is and what they’ll do for you, our valued customers.

The role

A.R.B will help us advise on how to keep yourself and your vehicle safe by ensuring you never forget your servicing and MOT test requirements. A.R.B will be the face of service and MOT test reminder emails, providing some insightful advice about how to maintain your vehicle when you’re out and about.

What will A.R.B bring to the team?

By joining #TeamArbury, A.R.B is signing up to be the face of our aftersales customer journey! A.R.B will bring a wealth of knowledge about each customer’s individual journey, offering key reminders and keeping track of any changes or updates.

Why #TeamArbury?

A.R.B cares about your aftersales journey and brings something really innovative to #TeamArbury. A.R.B will support the team in continuing to create positive customer experiences and help you feel more confident than ever in maintaining your car.

Having A.R.B join #TeamArbury is a very exciting prospect, and we can’t wait for you to virtually meet them. A.R.B once again reflects our commitment to putting you, our customers, at the forefront of everything we do at Arbury.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to see all our new team member has to bring to #TeamArbury. Look out for A.R.B’s appearance in Arbury servicing emails soon!

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