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The All-new Nissan Interstar is available to pre-order

The groundbreaking All-new Nissan Interstar is now available to pre-order. With an exceptional array of innovative, upgraded and convenient features, this commercial vehicle is here to assist every working need.

The All-new Nissan Interstar is available to pre-order

The diesel versions of the All-new Nissan Interstar LCV opened for pre-orders in May and will be available for sale from 1 October 2024, with prices starting from £33,090 + VAT.

Two trims, double delight

The All-new Nissan Interstar is available in two exceptional trims: the Acenta and Tekna. These reliable diesel-powered vans come with six-speed manual transmission or a nine-speed automatic gearbox with class-leading fuel efficiency, making them frontrunners in efficient business transportation.


The Acenta trim meets all your everyday needs and more, while the Tekna offers a vast array of exciting and innovative features, including 270-degree opening rear doors, a rear-view camera and a 12V plug-in loading area to name just a few!

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What’s more, Nissan demonstrate their commitment to quality through their offer of a five-year or 100,000-mile warranty with every Nissan LCV – giving you complete peace of mind.


Of the people, for the people

Nissan have designed the All-new Nissan Interstar to cater for businesses of varying sizes and needs. Efficiency, optimisation and customer well-being are at the heart of its design – demonstrated through the robust full-size truck appearance with an assertive front grille that makes a profound statement. Plus, with a powerful and practical performance, it provides the ultimate reliability for business owners as they take to the road.

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Tailored for your needs

A wide range of modifications are available, including a tipper, drop-side and box van options. It also comes with the choice of multiple panel van variants to accommodate big cargo loads, long travelling distances, extra passenger room and heavy-duty hauling – all are covered with the L2H2, L3H2 and L2H3 variants.


Feel the power

The All-new Nissan Interstar is available with a 2-litre single variable turbo engine and a variety of power outputs that varies from 105PS to 170PS, torque outputs that range from 330Nm to 380Nm and a WLTP fuel consumption figure of up to 37.8mpg (up to 41.5mpg for N2 versions).


Prepared for all cargo needs

With up to almost two tonnes for the diesel variant (the same for the upcoming electric version) and a maximum towing capacity of 2,500kg, the All-new Nissan Interstar is the commuting dream that keeps on giving.

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Revamped interior

The All-new Nissan Interstar builds on its predecessors through its upgraded interior space, which incorporates a more vertical steering wheel, sculpted dashboard and a 10.1-inch responsive touchscreen infotainment system that’s angled more towards the driver for easier use and access.

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With two large cup holders, large overhead shelves and 10 open storage areas, there’s personal storage room aplenty. And three closed areas work together to offer nearly 80 litres of storage space and include a multipurpose central seat-back workspace and a large under-seat storage box.

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Exceptional handling for smooth journeys

Enjoy the ease of manoeuvrability in the All-new Nissan Interstar with a turning circle that’s 1.5 metres smaller in comparison to its predecessors, ensuring that navigating any road is simpler and doesn’t impact any load carrying.


Safety and security wherever you go

Customer well-being is a top priority with Nissan, and as a result, the All-new Nissan Interstar is equipped with a wide range of standard safety features, which include forward emergency braking, drowsiness warning and a tyre pressure monitoring system.


Nissan’s well-designed one-box braking system always ensures optimised braking power irrespective of how heavy the load is, and with a quicker reaction time in the event of emergency braking, drivers can drive with increased peace of mind.


Plus, with driver assistance technology like lane keep assist, lane departure warning, intelligent speed assistance, intelligent emergency braking, cyclist and pedestrian detection and side wind assist, you’re assured of total safety on the road.


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