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Make the most of your PEUGEOT electric vehicle with our top tips

Whether you’re new to electric driving or are a seasoned EV pro, it’s always useful to know the latest tips and tricks to help you take care of the small details, so you can focus on the fun bit – driving!

Make the most of your PEUGEOT electric vehicle with our top tips

Join #TeamArbury member Andy in the videos below, as he talks you through some ways you can make the most of your PEUGEOT electric or hybrid vehicle.

Getting started

Here, Andy talks you through the main features of PEUGEOT electric vehicles, using the stunning PEUGEOT e-208 as his demonstration partner! He talks you through charging, starting the vehicle, the information displayed while you’re moving – and much more.

He also answers some common questions, as well as dispelling the common myth – yes, you can charge your car in the rain!

Essential apps

In his second video, Andy screen-shares his mobile phone to show you some handy apps that make your daily life easier on the road. He covers useful apps, including MYPEUGEOT and Zap-Map, as well as the Smart Home Charge website.

MYPEUGEOT allows you to connect to your vehicle with your smartphone to enhance your PEUGEOT driving experience before, during and after each journey. It gives you all the information you need at your fingertips – for example, the remaining electric range and the charging status. You can even opt to defer the charge for overnight, when rates are cheaper – as Andy shows.

You can also view your service information and use the ‘find my car’ feature. Last but not least, Andy has a clever suggestion for how the app can help you keep cool on a hot day – click here to watch the video and find out more:

Andy also mentions Zap-Map and Smart Home Charge. The Zap-Map app helps EV drivers to locate available charge points, plan longer electric journeys, share updates with the EV community and pay for charging on participating networks. Andy recommends the Smart Home Charge comparison website for EV drivers. You can use review different charging options and energy companies to find the best rate for your specific EV car or van.

Get the most out of electric driving with Arbury

Have a question about your electric vehicle, or thinking about making the switch? Our friendly team is with you every step of the way. Contact your local dealership today!