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The New 2024 CUPRA Formentor – the new icon that’s taking to the roads

Exhilarating, visionary and intuitive – the New 2024 CUPRA Formentor is an icon in everyone’s eyes. This robust SUV delivers a performance that’ll keep you amazed. Read more about the exciting features and register your interest with Arbury, CUPRA.

The New 2024 CUPRA Formentor – the new icon that’s taking to the roads

“Euphoric and ferocious. From success story to a new icon.” – We couldn’t agree more with what CUPRA had to say about the latest variation of their groundbreaking, dynamic new SUV. With its contemporary and bold upgrades to both the exterior and interior, this is a model that means business! The New 2024 CUPRA Formentor will be available for sale at Arbury, CUPRA later this year.

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Read all about it below – and if you’re keen to get a first look at this fantastic new model, register your interest with your local Arbury, CUPRA!

A sensational, daring design

A perfect blend of angles and smooth features, this sporty crossover SUV’s intricate, avant-garde design meets contemporary technology upgrades to create a spectacular looking model. The redesigned sturdy wheel serves to accentuate the New 2024 CUPRA Formentor’s sporty character, with the smoother front and triangular LED headlights that adorn both the front and rear working together to create a striking look. Coupled with the illuminated light strip that stretches across the boot and integrated glowing CUPRA logo in the centre, these features evoke the feeling of a beating heart. And with the redesigned lower bumper, the Formentor’s proportions are fully showcased and emphasise CUPRA’s impact all the way through. 

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Forward thinking with the Formentor

Powerful no matter what, the New 2024 CUPRA Formentor offers a variety of engine types to suit all driving preferences. Its larger 25.8kWh batteries on the e-HYBRID version allow for an all-electric drive of up to 60 miles, producing up to an incredible 272PS! And your hybrid Formentor will have no problem keeping up with your busy lifestyles with its speedy DC charging.

Driving power is never compromised no matter what engine you choose – with mighty and efficient 1.5 litre TSI or 2.0 litre TSI four-cylinder petrol engines to choose from, your drive is both uniquely yours and uniquely powerful.

But CUPRA aren’t stopping there their 2.0 litre petrol engine will be upgraded to an incredible 329bhp and 420Nm later in the year. Plus, the variety will expand even further to accommodate mHEV hybrid engine variants, more e-HYBRID options and up to 333PS petrol engines – CUPRA strike the perfect balance between looking ahead to the future and living in the moment.


CUPRA connectivity for ultimate control

Enjoy seamless connectivity with the highly innovative CUPRA CONNECT through the upgraded 12.9-inch infotainment system. Entertainment and navigation requirements are within arm’s reach or a voice command away with the Formentor, including smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and online maps, giving you all the control you need as you take to the road with confidence. What’s more, CUPRA allow you to stay connected to your Formentor at all times through the My CUPRA app. You can manage your Formentor’s settings easily, and with features like remote locking and unlocking, every single aspect of the journey ensures peace of mind.

Smart and comfortable – the New 2024 CUPRA Formentor’s interior doesn’t disappoint

Sit back and relax in the comfortable seats of the New 2024 CUPRA  Formentor, where eco awareness becomes reality with the use of sustainable materials in the upholstery. Enjoy spacious surroundings with plenty of storage space for any extra bits and pieces.  With a firm suspension, handle every corner and bend with ease and confidence for a controlled and high-quality ride every time. A well laid out dashboard allows drivers and passengers to access car settings and entertainment features at any time comfortably and provides complete relaxation and control. And load up everything you need with ease, with 450 litres of available boot space in the petrol engine variant and 345 litres in the plug-in hybrid versions.

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Level up with CUPRA – this game-changing model offers all the variety in its variants to ensure there’s something for everyone. And with Arbury, CUPRA, we’ll match you to the perfect Formentor version to suit you!

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