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Paint Protection

Enjoy that new car feeling for as long as you own your vehicle with LifeShine, now with CeraFuse™ Technology – the future of car care.

Using a paint sealant helps to protect your vehicle’s paintwork from the harsh environmental factors that surround it. For example:

  • UV rays from the sun can fade paintwork.

  • Atmospheric fallout and acid rain can damage the paint finish.

  • Road salt, grit and other contributors can fade and corrode the surface.

What is LifeShine with CeraFuse™ Technology?

LifeShine is a complete vehicle protection system delivered by Autoglym and is professionally applied to your car’s paintwork at your local Arbury dealership by our trained technicians.

And now with CeraFuse™ Technology, the most advanced formula yet, you can feel more confident than ever that your car can withstand whatever life throws at it.

LifeShine with CeraFuse™ Technology protects against environmental hazards, such as:

  • UV rays

  • Acid/alkaline rain

  • Mud and dirt

  • Bird droppings

  • Road salt.

What’s more, we’re so confident you’ll keep that showroom shine that LifeShine comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.

How does LifeShine with CeraFuse™ Technology work?

The care of your car is of the greatest importance. That’s why LifeShine was developed!

The CeraFuse™ Technology utilises a three-part system that creates a molecular protective barrier on your vehicle’s glass, paintwork and upholstery so it can withstand the harshest environmental and climatic conditions.

It fuses to the vehicle’s paintwork to create a tough protective barrier that locks in the vehicle’s deep colour and glossy finish for a lifetime of flawless shine.

Accept nothing but the best and order LifeShine for your next vehicle at Arbury.

Contact your local Arbury dealership to find out more. 

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Offers available to retail customers until 31/12/2024.