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Class 7 MOT test

at Arbury in Bromsgrove and Walsall

We’re pleased to offer Class 7 MOT tests at our dealerships in Walsall and Bromsgrove. If your business is reliant on your fleet of vans, we’re here to keep you moving – safely and efficiently. We have the knowledge and equipment to accommodate these larger vehicles, alongside cars requiring the more-common Class 4 test.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Class 7 MOT test.

Which vehicles need a Class 7 MOT test?

Once your vehicle is three years old or more, you legally have to take it for an MOT test to ensure it’s safe for use on the road. There are different classes of MOT tests, and Class 7 is for light commercial goods vehicles that weigh between 3,000kg and 3,500kg. 

If you’re unsure of the weight or which test your vehicle requires, we’d recommend looking in your vehicle handbook or V5 registration document. If you’re still unsure, call the manufacturer with your vehicle details and VIN number and they should be able to assist.

What is checked during a Class 7 MOT test?

A Class 7 MOT test involves checking a range of aspects of your car. The items checked are similar to those on the Class 4 test, but they’ll also take into account the greater weights from heavier vehicles, checking that the tyres fitted are suitable for the load that they are carrying. The Class 7 also includes an additional brake efficiency test.

How often is a Class 7 MOT test needed? 

A Class 7 MOT test is required every 12 months, once your vehicle is three years old. Remember – it’s an offence to drive without one, which could lead to a fine of £1,000 and your vehicle being taken off the road. An MOT test covers safety and environmental factors; however, it’s important to regularly service your vehicle in between MOT tests in order to keep it running as it should.

If you have a van that falls into the Class 7 category, contact us to find out more, or use the form below to get booked in.


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