Timing belt replacement

Here at Arbury we are committed to keeping your car running smoothly, and our timing belt replacement service is an important part of this. The timing belt (also known as a cambelt) is a vital part of your car, as it helps to control the timing of the moving parts in your engine. Over time, this rubber-based component can deteriorate – and if it fails it can cause costly damage to your vehicle,  ranging from causing an accident to requiring a whole new engine.

Please check the Service Schedule in your Peugeot handbook for our recommended replacement intervals. If unsure, please contact your local Arbury – we will be more than happy to assist. If your timing belt is due for a replacement, we recommend booking an appointment as soon as possible. Here at Arbury, we offer a timing belt replacement from just £399 – simply fill out the form and we can book you in or answer any questions you may have.

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