Vehicles will now be charged a variable amount for the first year, dependent on CO2 emissions. You have to pay a higher rate for diesel cars that do not meet the Real Driving Emissions 2 (RDE2) standard for nitrogen oxide emissions. You can ask your car’s manufacturer if your car meets the RDE2 standard.

Following this, for the next four years, all vehicles (apart from those with zero emissions) will be charged a second annual tax rate based on fuel type. List price is factored in too, as if you choose to purchase a more luxurious vehicle (with a value of more than £40,000), you will have to pay an additional £355 each year for the first five years of ownership (from the second time the vehicle is taxed). Light goods vehicles such as vans registered on or after 1st March 2001 that are not over 3,500kg revenue weight are charged a standard annual tax rate of £290.

You can calculate a specific road tax cost using the tables below.

Alternative fuel vehicles include hybrids, bioethanol and liquid petroleum gas.

First tax payment when you register the vehicle

CO2 emissions Diesel cars (TC49) that meet the RDE2
standard and petrol cars (TC48)
All other diesel cars (TC49) Alternative fuel cars (TC59)
0g/km £0 £0 £0
1 to 50g/km £10 £25 £0
51 to 75g/km £25 £120 £15
76 to 90g/km £120 £150 £110
91 to 100g/km £150 £170 £140
101 to 110g/km £170 £190 £160
111 to 130g/km £190 £230 £180
131 to 150g/km £230 £585 £220
151 to 170g/km £585 £945 £575
171 to 190g/km £945 £1,420 £935
191 to 225g/km £1,420 £2,015 £1,410
226 to 255g/km £2,015 £2,365 £2,005
Over 255g/km £2,365 £2,365 £2,355

This payment covers your vehicle for 12 months.

Rates for second tax payment onwards

Petrol or diesel Electric Alternative
Single 12 month payment £165 £0 £155

Vehicles with a list price of more than £40,000

Petrol or diesel Alternative
Single 12 month payment £520 £510

Light goods vehicles (TC39)

Single 12 month payment £290