An exciting new addition at Arbury

An exciting new addition at Arbury

Introducing our Radar Calibration / Wheel Alignment Ramp – new to our ŠKODA showroom in Leamington Spa. This exciting new addition can accommodate all brands – not just ŠKODA models – so book your appointment today!

Wheel alignment is an essential part of car maintenance; it is important to check your tyres regularly for signs of misalignment, including uneven or abnormal wear. Plus, if you notice any of the following when driving, these can also indicate that your wheels have become misaligned: difficulty steering, steering wheel vibration, or pulling to one side.

Wheel misalignment can occur if you hit a kerb or a pothole at speed, and if wheels are left out of line for an extended period this can lead to expensive repair bills. Poorly-aligned tyres can also have serious safety ramifications, as they can affect steering accuracy and road holding.

We also offer Lane Assist calibration, camera calibration, radar calibration, and the fitting and calibration of a replacement radar, if required. These intelligent active safety features are becoming indispensable in assisting drivers to navigate roads safely, so if you suspect that any of them are not working correctly then it is important to get them re-calibrated.

Please contact either James Dyke or Cheryl Barker on 01926 470470 to book your appointment today. Prices are shown below.

•    Four-wheel alignment: £98+VAT
•    Lane Assist calibration with four-wheel alignment: £294+VAT
•    Camera / radar calibration with four-wheel alignment: £294+VAT
•    Replacement radar with four-wheel alignment and calibration: £343+VAT (plus price of new radar).

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