Nissan announce goodwill warranty policy during COVID-19 situation

Nissan announce goodwill warranty policy during COVID-19 situation

At #TeamArbury, one of the questions we’re receiving from customers is whether delaying servicing due to the lockdown measures will invalidate their warranty. We are beginning to receive guidance from our manufacturers, who are generally being very sympathetic to the situation, recognising that current government guidelines have resulted in dealership closures. We would therefore like to share this information with you in order to answer these questions and put your mind at ease. Below is Nissan’s guidance.

Nissan are giving vehicle owners peace of mind by extending their warranty coverage for any vehicle nearing the end of its New Vehicle Warranty period during the current COVID-19 situation, where completing repair work is not possible. In a communication from the NMGB Warranty Team, they say: “Nissan understands that the current COVID-19 situation is very stressful for our customers and together we are facing a significant challenge to our communities.

“In the event any customer has routine service, or warranty repair delayed during this COVID-19 period and cannot have the work started and/or completed, Nissan will honour the warranty on the vehicle.”

The team here at Arbury request that you check our websites regularly for updated information as the situation progresses. We also urge that you inform your local Arbury dealership if you have any concerns after we return to normal business.

Nissan have also published some detailed information about what will happen with vehicle Roadside Assistance (RSA), saying:

“To support customers, Nissan will implement a grace period for vehicle Roadside Assistance (RSA) entitlement; in cases where the customer is unable to renew their RSA entitlement due to the effects of the COVID-19 situation on the dealer networks ability to perform maintenance services.

“As the situation and set measures differ country by country, the grace period will be set per market and will function as follows.

“If the RSA End Date for a vehicle is in the period when the set measures were put in place, Nissan will extend vehicle RSA entitlement to the date when Nissan dealer network returns to normal business. For any of the affected vehicles having a breakdown during this period, they will be assisted through Nissan Assistance. Any queries – please raise though the normal Support Line Tool.”

At #TeamArbury, we’re glad to see manufacturers being flexible during the current coronavirus situation and the resultant government measures, which mean that many drivers are unable to get their vehicles serviced at the recommended time due to dealer closures and restrictions on travel. We hope that this latest announcement from Nissan will give owners peace of mind during this challenging time.

Keep an eye on Arbury News page for warranty and service information from other manufacturers.

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